Acer Aspire V3-551G-X419 15.6-Inch Gaming Laptop Review

This V3 Series Laptop keeps its users ahead of the ever changing digital trends thanks to its sharp computing and timeless style. Its dual graphics and vigorous processors allows you to multitask easily and use modern creative apps, share media, browse the Internet, play computer games and do much more. This quite slender machine at just 1 inch thin makes it very convenient for one to take it on the go regardless of whether you need to stay productive or just have fun without any efforts.

Quad core performance and modern design

Acer Aspire V3-551G-X419 15.6-Inch laptop is a modern styled computer which comes with a glossy cover which matches the palmrest. It is super lightweight with a slim design that is just 1 inch thin making it quite effortless to take the laptop with you to the class, local coffee shop and just use around your house conveniently. Despite being so thin, the laptop also manages to come with an in built optical drive where you can watch movies, play games, burn media and do a lot more. Its processor includes VISION technology that provides users with seamless multitasking ability for more enhanced productivity and its advanced visuals and graphics helps users to get the most out of their most favorite videos and games.

And to top up on this, Acer Aspire has re- imagined windows 8 and it is all about the user. You can now be able to put things that matter most to you on the Start Screen and enjoy instant access to your favorite sites, apps, people and more. This way, one can spend the least time possible searching and maximize on what you are doing. Gaming with this laptop is all amazing as windows 8 is intuitive, smooth and has been designed to provide you with really great experience specially it is an under 600$ gaming laptop.

Sensational entertainment

Acer Aspire V3-551G is fully dedicated to providing users with sensational entertainment and you can enjoy some stunning 720 p visuals. The 15.6 inch HD widescreen with a LED backlit display comes with real 16:9 cinematic format. If the 15.6 inch screen doesn’t fully satisfy your visual appetite, you can turn on the HDMI output to pipe high quality audio and HD content to a big screen HDTV or external monitor through a video cable where you can share entertainment with the rest of your family members at any place.
The laptop’s dynamic switchable graphics and dual graphics technology delivers extra performance and functionality. The dynamic app triggered capabilities alongside exceptional power helps in maximizing the life of the battery while still guaranteeing top notch on demand performance for seamless user experience.

Other simple pleasures

With this laptop, you will enjoy a myriad of simple pleasures. You can for instance opt to get wired or go wireless and it is all your choice. You can enjoy superior connectivity when you are mobile or at home. Its in built Bluetooth technology helps you to connect wirelessly to Bluetooth with other devices with Bluetooth capabilities like phones, hand held organizers and printers which eliminates the inconveniences of using wires.
Acer Aspire V3-551G is able to play most of your favorite games at both medium and ultra settings. For instance, Planetside 2 will amazingly run on the medium graphics and give you the best experience you have ever imagined. While it might not be the ultimate choice of a laptop for anyone interested in serious gaming such as playing Crysis 3, this laptop will cater for all your general needs as practically everything in it is superb.
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