Acer Aspire V5 572G-6679 15.6-inch Gaming Laptop Review

The Acer Aspire V5 Laptop is an inspiring machine put in a light and thin notebook. Anyone wishing to buy this machine can choose among the four suave colors available. Its HD screen display makes the machine the best companion for Windows 8 and breathes life into your home entertainment and its four integrated speakers are meant to sweeten your enjoyment with their great sound. The laptop’s 15.6 inch HD Widescreen with an LED backlight display is simply the best for a gaming savvy person. The machine runs on a 3rd generation Intel Core processor, operates on Windows 8 and has a long life battery that lasts for even more than five hours. For people who are new to semi high performance computers and windows 8 operating system, this laptop really comes as a great surprise for most of them.


The Aspire V5 572G is a sturdy and light machine that is very eye catching especially if it is your first time to experience it. For me, I was completely fascinated by its upgraded gpu because I not only needed for a computer that I could use conveniently for school but also for occasional distractions like gaming. This guy comfortably does everything you throw at him with great precision. Getting acquainted with windows 8 wasn’t really a cheap affair for me and it took me some few days to learn how to work with it. At the beginning, you will find the mini tutorial which you just need to follow and it will really help you a lot. Once you have completely grasped the basics of windows 8, you will be able to blaze through all the applications and software easily and even though you don’t have the pleasure to work with a touch screen, this is something you can really live without.

Something else that has made my experience with this laptop much better is the Intel Turbo Boost. This one boosts the speed of Intel i5 processor from 1.8 ghz to 2.6 ghz when needed. So, every time you load a heavy game like Skyrim, BF3 or Bioshock: Inf, the Turbo Boost will clock in automatically and give you a top notch performance to help your system run smoothly. In fact, it is just like over clocking your laptop without risking to damage or overheat your system or even go through the hassles of over clocking it manually. To top up on this, the laptop also comes with the NVIDIA GeForce GTX720M gpu with phenomenal benchmarks. Together with Turbo Boost, gpu graphics are mouth watering and assure you the best experience possible with your computer.


After Acer Aspire V5 spoils you with its high rpm HDDs and Solid State Drives, the only thing that lacked in the system was the stock HDD. V5- 572G comes with Toshiba 5400 rpm 500 GB HDD but with very slow transfer rates due to the considerably low 5400 rpm. However, if you can spare some few more minutes, you can comfortably live with it and it is fixable.
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This laptop is great and amazing. Its upgraded graphics, the portability, turbo boosted processor, the price (believe me it’s not easy to find good gaming laptops under 600 USD), the weight and everything else makes it one of the best gaming computers you should think about. You will also be thrilled about its dedicated video card, which is of course a big plus. With this machine, gamers can easily play many lower end games on maximum settings such as TF2, LoL, Runescape, Diablo 3 and Torchlight 2. This doesn’t mean that it can’t handle heavy hitters as you can enjoy Skyrim, BF3 and Crysis which makes it a perfect computer in every way.