My Experience with Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon-Fire-PhoneI love my Fire. I like being individual with it not having a mainstream android phone or Apple product. I find it personally very user friendly the Fire user guide which ‘Fires’ up upon starting the phone give you the easy to follow low down on how to make the most of the feature such as peek,swivel, and tilt. I’ve read a review about someone complaining about the lack of back button. This is remedied on the Fire by just a simple swipe up from the bottom of any portion of the lower screen ( you don’t have to swipe up from the bottom hand left hand corner only for example) There are two volume buttons and the camera/firefly button these are along the left side of the phone this are of CNC machined aluminium so is the Menu button and Lock button, these are nice to the touch. the camera is accessed by one click and firefly by holding both the camera and firefly app ‘Fire’ up very quickly ideal for having to capture a quick picture or if you rapidly need to compare the price of an item or product you find on your travels against Amazon or google shopping or just to find out more about an item.


Firefly is also great for identifying TV shows or music eliminating the need for an app like Shazam. Firefly identifys shows and music pretty flawlessly but some items and products aren’t always correct first time. but it’s pretty reliable for mainstream items. less so the more obscure the item. The ease of use to identify a TV show or film is a nice touch you simply open up Firefly and point it at whatever is playing on a screen in front you. it’ll bring up the show,episode, IMDB information and how much it is on Amazon.

The Mayday feature runs really well even without Wi-Fi, The attendants are always polite and extremely helpful. Once I forgot how to turn of recommendations in my Carousel and couldn’t be bothered remembering so I did a quick wrist ‘swivel’ and pressed Mayday, within 30 seconds I connected with an attendant who quickly took control of my phone and turned it off showing me the process also. (Amazon Mayday attendants cannot see you but see your screen so I wouldn’t recommend pressing the Mayday button when you’re on Online Banking or something for example!


There are multiple lock screens which make use of Dynamic Perspective which follow your movement from the lock screen allowing you to look around the scene.This is good if you want to quickly show off a ‘cool’ ‘fun’ and ‘unique’ feature of the phone.

With regards to Network/Carrier it is possible to use a Fire Phone on Giff Gaff as this runs on the 02 network. All that is required to do is change a few APN settings which can be found easily online and how-to-guides on how to run an 02 Fire on giff gaff are available. Technically one could say the same for Tesco mobile as they run on 02 also but I don’t quote me on this. Accessories wise can be a pain to find on the high street next to no stall or shop does Fire phone accessories and I ordered screen protectors and case from Amazon. Amazon maps is excellent as good as google maps. Amazon App store has had a load of featured app worth over £75 currently for free ranging from great space rpg Star Command to things like Smart Office 2 which is an excellent office app.

Some people are not a fan of the Fire OS but I think it is unique and user friendly but it can depend on how one can pick up things quickly some people have complained about it’s ease of use. But once you know it inside an out it is a real breeze of a phone!

Powerful performance

Ultra-fast launch and load times
A 2.2 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor, combined with 2GB of RAM, enables faster app launch times, quicker website load times, and smoother multi-tasking.

Fast, fluid graphics
An Adreno 330 graphics processor delivers the performance and fluidity needed for immersive gaming, video, and more.

High-speed data and voice support
Fire phone features nine bands of 4G-LTE, four bands of GSM, five bands of UMTS for better voice coverage, faster data speeds, and international roaming, plus 802.11ac support, Wi-Fi channel bonding, NFC and Bluetooth LE support.

Better viewing indoors and out
Fire phone’s 4.7″ HD display features dynamic image contrast, a wide viewing angle, circular polarizer, and an ultra-bright display at 590 nits, making it easy to see in all lighting conditions, indoors and out.

Uncompromised battery life
With advanced power management technology, Fire phone delivers up to 285 hours of standby time, up to 22 hours of talk time, up to 65 hours of audio playback, and up to 11 hours of video playback.

Dynamic Perspective sensor system
Dynamic Perspective uses four ultra-low power specialized cameras, plus four infrared LEDs for invisible illumination, real-time computer vision algorithms, and a custom graphics engine rendering at 60 fps.