ASUS K55A DS51 15.6 Inch Gaming Laptop Review

After a few weeks of research, I finally end up purchasing the ASUS-K55A DS51 laptop. I was told that ASUS is like a bridge between Windows laptops and Mac and I thus had very high expectations of it. While this laptop obviously has some few glitches, certain things really pleased me such as its light weight, adequate memory, and touchy keypad and allowed much better speeds when it came to Internet browsing. Mine has really worked very well so far with a really fast start up and wakes up immediately I put the password. It also functions very well and the battery has a very good life and will warn you severally before it finally saves its current state and shuts down, it is really good deal for an under 600 $ gaming laptop.


ASUS K55A is cool and comforting to the touch the laptop has a clear, large screen with awesome speakers that sound fine. It is the best machine you can use to watch your favorite movies or enjoy your favorite game. This computer operates on windows 8 and for those who aren’t comfortable with this OS, they can revert to windows 7 which are quite easier to use. Windows 8 OS is much better when it comes to the speed of shutdown/ start up, hooking up digital outlets as well as uninstalling programs such as bloatware.

With this computer, you will barely be hearing the fan and its charge last for an incredibly long period of time. When the battery is full, you can enjoy intensive gaming for about three hours without having to plug the system on a power source. It is a great laptop to consider buying for anyone looking for a much larger laptop with an outstanding speed and great sound. If you do some research about Asus, you will realize that Apple and Asus are rated as the most reliable computers on the market today. There are just very few Asus laptops that are ever sent back to the manufacturer for repairs.

This machine loads quickly, stays cool and the keyboard comes with the best sensitivity degree and has a very decent battery life. It is a great machine for playing some mid range games such as The Slim 3 that would make other laptops within the same price to simply freeze up or start overheating every time you are enjoying your great game. Game graphics in this ASUS are very decent and everything else is very responsive. Whether you are a fun of older gamers or light gaming, think of none other laptop than this one and you will enjoy all the great games with no issues at all.


Unfortunately, not everything is perfect with ASUS K55A DS51 and it can do well with some improvements. Some users have had problems with the number keys that didn’t work and seem to be hanging like forever. The touch pad can also become non- responsive and you will need tech support to sort you out when this happens. You might also have to deal with some random shut- downs and resets at first. While it is true that you can send it back since it is still covered by the warranty, you have no idea of the kind of inconvenience this is likely to cause you not to mention the additional fees you will have to pay.

[pullquote]Capable of gaming (WoW, Defiance, CoD, etc) I’d definitely recommend it, especially if you’re on a budget. Full review @ Amazon[/pullquote]


In overall, K55A-DS51 runs pretty well and it is a good buy for anyone considering playing light games. It has an appealing design, reasonable built quality and good performance for its price. However, if you are looking for computer that can support intensive or heavy gaming, this might not be the perfect choice for you and you might want to get a better alternative.