ASUS ROG G750JH-DB71 17.3-Inch Laptop


The G750 has an exceptional reputation, which even rivals that of Alienware, and let me tell you, it is one that is well deserved. I really enjoyed using this laptop, which, as a mainstream gaming laptop, served its purpose excellently.



Hardware and Specs: This serious piece of gaming gear definitely has the looks, but it is what is inside this gaming laptop which is really surprising. The ROG G750 comes fully loaded with a 2.4 GHz Intel core i7 processor, 24 GB of DDR3 ram, a 1024 GB hard drive, and an NVidia GTX 780M video card. Besides the barbarous video card, what really struck me was the ram and the hard drive. 24 GB of DDR3 ram is much more than you will find amongst this laptops competitors (which at the most usually sport 16 GB). With 24 GB of ram, this thing has a whole lot of horsepower. The hard drive, which is more than 1 TB, is a nice touch, and larger than most in its class.

The video card, the GTX 780M with 4 GB of DDR5, packs quite a punch. It is quite possibly the strongest dedicated video card I have seen in a gaming laptop, which really says a lot. There really is nothing this gaming laptop won’t be able to take hear don, between its massive 24 GB or ram, or its powerful video card, this beast will be ready.

Look and Feel:

The unique design of the laptop is something I really enjoyed for a change. The design is certainly bold, but in the strangest, most modest and diffident way possible. Its sleek, black design reminds me of a fighter jet (which I am told is what ASUS specifically modeled the design after). Weighting in at around 11 pounds, and stretching 17.3 inches across, this thing is just a beast. Now while I certainly was impressed by the laptops unique and different design, I was absolutely dazzled by the display. This 1920 x 1080p resolution display, stretching at 17.3 inches, is truly a sight to behold.

Keyboard and Track pad:

The ROG G750 comes with thee ASUS standard island style keyboard, which feels more like a desktop keyboard than a laptop keyboard, and is definitely a plus (coming from using a desktop, I felt right at home). The keyboard’s tactile response was something I really enjoyed; I felt I could type on it all day. Even though I almost always use a mouse while gaming, I was slightly disappointed by the touchpad. When testing the touch pad, I found that while typing, my palm would accidently click the touch pad every now and again. This really isn’t a problem for me though, as I will be using a mouse most of the time.


To conclude, I was really impressed with the ROG G750 gaming laptop. As a desktop replacement, this stylish machine packs a serious hardware punch that just wouldn’t be possible in smaller factors. If you’re looking for a powerful machine that can do it all, then I would recommend you look no further.