HP ENVY DV7 7212nr Review

When it finally dawned on me that I needed a replacement for my old computer that I had used for years, I did what everyone else does. I spotted HP DV7 7212nr Windows Notebook Upgrade and started reading about its reviews and specs like crazy. Honestly speaking, the specs really impressed me but the customers’ reviews seemed to put my mind in doubt. Well, since the specs fitted exactly everything that I was looking for, I decided to turn a blind eye on the reviews and ordered for the machine.

I told myself that I had now found a lasting solution for my gaming needs. What amazed me is that what some other buyers claimed about the machine wasn’t experienced by me and I was convinced that buying this computer was the best decision I had made. Below are some few things I would like to inform you about just in case you are planning to buy this machine for your gaming needs.

One of the things that made me hesitate to buy this machine was the fan noise as claimed by others. The fan pushes the warm air out through the side vents on the left hand side of this laptop. However, contrally to what others said about the noise, what this machine produced was just a very gentle, light humming. I am comfortable with the light air movement through these vents as I am assured that heat is escaping and I don’t have to worry about my machine heating up and burning my thighs. While it is true that some laptops don’t produce any kind of noise or feel showing that the air is moving, this makes you to start wondering about the effectiveness of the machine’s internal cooling.

When looking for a gaming machine, you should concentrate on finding something that doesn’t heat up considering the kind of activity you are engaged in. The efficiency of this laptop in keeping its powerful i7 processor cool and in good performance isn’t doubtable. The fan is very efficient and effective and this boosts the speed of the machine.

I consider the DV7 7212nr to be a very nice by for me as it has everything I was looking for in a high performing laptop. And the best thing is that you can get this machine at a reasonably great price compared to what other machines like a Macbook Pro go for. I was also gland that this machine also features soft buttons that you can quickly access Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, volume, Bluetooth, etc. you will be surprised to note that this is the primary function in the F keys and you can access the functionality by just pressing the Alt + F. The materials used to make the laptop are incredibly god and the laptop is also very quiet. And with its 16 GB memory, you will feel extremely challenged to maximize the usage of the computer memory.

Besides playing my favorite games on this laptop, I also do some photo editing in Photoshop and Lightroom while streaming movies and listening to music. This can tell you that this is a great machine that can multitask effectively and you won’t have any issues with its performance. If you are searching for a laptop that you can use for playing computer games and enjoying music and movies, this is the machine you need to consider buying. It is a great product that I would gladly recommend to everyone.

[pullquote]The graphics card, makes pc gaming experience truthfully amazing, both the nvidia 2gb graphics card, the 1920x1080p resolution, the antiglare, etc. in conjuction makes a person like me who didn’t do any gaming in any time of my life, want to play for hours. Read more reviews @ Amazon[/pullquote]

HP DV7 7212nr has everything I expected in a reasonably priced gaming machine. This machine has a beautiful screen, its fast, good keyboard and generally has a very good feel. I really can’t ask for more let alone suggest any improvement.