HP Envy 17-3290NR 17.3-Inch 3D Gaming Laptop Review

HP Envy 17-3290NR 17.3-Inch 3D Laptop (Silver) is a machine that gives its users a chance of enjoying a new dimension and a great experience. This machine comes with 3D active shutter glasses and you can play your favorite games on the large 17.3 inch screen that displays life like colors in both 2D and 3D. Enjoy the games exactly the way gamers intended you and its HD Video graphics and powerful processor assure you of a fast gaming experience. This HP creation also comes with a large dual storage drive and you won’t have to worry about where to store your videos and music library. Its extended battery life is able to keep your laptop powered for over 5 years and you can thus enjoy playing your favorite games without worrying of your battery getting dead.

The HP Envy 17-3290NR 17.3-Inch 3D Laptop (Silver) is an incredible work of art and features a stylish and all durable all aluminum body designed in natural silver and Nero black. Its classic HP Radiance Backlit Keyboard and HP TrueVision Webcam make it rather comfortable for you to work easily in a low light environment. With its Bluetooth and integrated Wi-Fi you can easily convenient and even sync your laptop to a Smartphone, MP3 player or a printer without using any cables. It is easy to transfer the photos directly from your notebook PC and memory card. With HP Envy 17-3290NR 17.3-Inch 3D Laptop (Silver), it is all about ultimate style and ultimate performance in 3D and full HD.

One of the good things about this laptop is its topnotch performance. The machine is fast with SSD drive, has good GPU and a great CPU. The battery can last between 6 and 7 hours when using your laptop normally like Internet surfing, light web development and writing. However, with intensive gaming, the battery can only last for about 3 hours. The display with this machine is incredibly good and not the IPS one but the TN display gives it a good viewing angle, color rendition and contrast, which are just too reflective.

This is the best notebook audio you probably have ever heard and you will also love its good keyboard. You can easily increase or dim the backlight by pressing the backlight button on the keyboard. And when it comes to heating, this is something you shouldn’t worry about. Regardless of how intensively you play the games, you can rest assured that your machine isn’t going to overheat, which keeps its performance at topnotch.

Besides its great price, buyers can also easily upgrade their machine to 16 GB RAM, add a third drive and a nice SSD. For the third drive, you should look for a perfect drive carrier and it will work great. HP Envy 17-3290NR 17.3-Inch 3D Laptop (Silver) also has a pretty strong build quality and it is a very fast machine. Being a large machine, this laptop is a great choice for anyone looking for a single machine which does it all and it nicely fits in your bill.

The 3D in the machine works just fine and the system starts up at a lightning fast speed. Even though its 80 GB hard drive might be too small for your gaming needs, the best thing is that it can live up to your expectations especially given that it is a SSD. The only issue about this machine is that being a 17 inch machine, this limits its portability and some users are also a little worried about the slot drive.