HP Envy DV6 7210us 15.6 Inch Gaming Laptop Review

The HP Envy dv6-7210us laptop can be counted on for multitasking, entertainment and storage needs. This machine comes in a cool, slim, midnight aluminum black design. Users can enjoy the Beats Audio that is designed to provide the richest and best sounding audio you can ever get on a PC. In addition, you can also use the machine’s HP TrueVision HD Webcam that guarantees a conversation similar to a face to face encounter. Its quad core power guarantees mega multitasking and the most superior gaming experience. Plus, you will also be thrilled about its automatic air conditioning and offers data protection against bruises and accidental bumps.

This HP gaming laptop guarantees a rocking entertainment and powerful performance and allows you to enjoy your favorite game with precision control by use of its numeric keypad. If you have a history with HP, then you should know too well that these are great computers you can rely on for multitasking. For me, buying this thing was triggered by my great love for the sleekness and style of HP laptops and it is no surprise that this laptop was also able to live up to my expectations. The laptop has a beautiful design and features a smooth black surface that is resistant to fingerprints. If you have kids at your house, this is a feature that you will really appreciate to have.

The machine is relatively lightweight even though you can’t deny that the laptop is quite hefty compared to the likes of ultra-books.This model also exhibits outstanding colors and it is so bright, clear and crisp and you will really love it. It is an absolutely great machine for vides, photos and you will love the game graphics and you can enjoy a more vivid experience while using Skype on this laptop. However, when it comes to Windows 8, you really must be very good with it in order to enjoy a mind blowing experience with this laptop. Technically speaking Windows 8 generally means a laptop with applications and it might take you a little while to get well familiarized with this app system.

This computer is not just designed for gamers only as it is an awesome machine to use for business just because of a single feature- the fingerprint reader. With this feature, the laptop can precisely read all your ten fingers and this makes it a very nice laptop that you must have. The keys of this laptop are also quiet and easy to press and if you are lucky, your machine can also come with windows 7 which are incredibly awesome. The only issue about it going by the concerns of many users is the Windows 8 operating system that the laptop uses. Honestly speaking, not so many people, including gamers are impressed with W 8 as this works best when used in tablets. As such, if you are not using a touch screen computer or a tablet, windows 8 simply become a pointless operating system to have.
[pullquote]This is a capable gaming laptop. This game runs COD4 on midsettings at 50 FPS, which is really nice, and plays Planetside 2 in midsettings at 45 FPS. for more reviews check Amazon[/pullquote]
HP Envy dv6 7210us is an amazing laptop and even though windows 8 OS isn’t fun as such, the computer is able to run numerous games efficiently and it is super responsive. It is the best laptop ever that any gamer can have. Some users have also complained about the jumping cursor problem and inadequacy of HP response. This good looking computer has great features that will make your gaming a breeze. HP has for long been known for good performance, reliability and durability in its line of printers but has also proved that it is still a force to reckon with in the world of gaming laptops under 600$ with the best performing one.