HP ENVY DV6 7214nr Review

This gaming laptop had almost everything I wanted for an affordable price. My main objective was to get a machine that had a decent GPU, backlit keyboard, 1080p screen, i7 processor and of course not too heavy as I wanted to carry it around comfortably. Operating on Windows 8 system and with a 750 GB hard drive and a RAM of 8 GB, this laptop had nothing similar to other old fashioned gaming laptops I was used for previously.

What I liked

One of the things I liked about this laptop was its awesomely good battery life and even though there was nothing exceptional about it, I was fascinated by its battery longevity. The keyboards also moved me as a gamer as they are well spaced and it feels great typing on them and back light also works incredibly well. The finger print reader also works so well and even though I am not very used to windows 8, I really can’t complain. The speakers in this laptop are above average and have a very good hard drive. While the design of the laptop might not be of great concern to a gamer like me, removing the optical drive and hard drive is very convenient in this machine. The laptop is in every way good for gaming and even after I played all the games I could think of, I didn’t overheat and I didn’t feel like I pushed it to its limits.

As far as speed is concerned, HP ENVY DV6 7214nr is blazing fast. This thing starts in a super fast way thanks to its 8 GB solid hard drive that houses its operating system. The speed continues to be incredibly fast even when gaming without any issues. At first, I was a little hesitant about the machine’s 15.6 inch screen as I was used to a machine with a 17.1 inches screen. However, in my opinion, its screen is simply super high Rez and I can comfortably deal with its size. The screen is also very clear and super bright in the sun and has crisp angle views. In a simple word, I can say that this machine’s HD display is simply outstanding. When it comes to performance, I really can’t complain as the Intel 17 chip used in the machine is super fast, something I never imagined it would be. You will be amazed by the graphic card which is more than enough especially for person using the machine for Internet surfing, video/ movie watching and every day work jobs. When it comes to gaming, it also has a remarkable performance as well.

What I didn’t like

Well, as they always say, nothing can ever be perfect and this also applies to DV6-7214nr. To start with, I was a little disappointed with the quality of the machine’s webcam. While the mic and webcam do work well, they are substandard and do not live up to the expectation. The bloatware is really not a big issue as such but could do with some improvement as removing it is not all that easy. I also realized that buttons of touch pad are not great as such but were also not too bad on the other hand. However, I would strongly recommend you to consider gaming with a wireless mouse. All in all, at such a fair price, this is a great laptop in its own rights.


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