If you are seeking a great laptop computer that could possibly change your existing home computer, then your search might end right here! Yes, the HP Pavilion 17-e019dx is an excellent replacement for your sluggish COMPUTER. This device is powered by the newest 4th Gen Core i3 processor with the HASWELL style and a clock speed of 2.4 GHz. The cpu is decent good enough for mid-level



individuals. This is without a doubt, the most cost effective Intel-Haswell laptop. Likewise, the 17 inch LED screen device is geared up with a RAM memory of 4 GB, and a HDD area of 750 GB. Folks are often curious about the conventional 15.6 inch laptop computers, so this 17 inch might be a problem for some. Thinking about the price, it will not matter! The HP Pavilion 17-e019dx can be yours for the rate of $466.88.

A lot of inexpensive Haswell laptop: Intel’s previous cpu was the Ivy-Bridge processor chip or the 3rd Gen processor. This has actually been done well by Haswell cpu. Intel’s all new processor chips feature a haswell architecture that are understood to minimize power usage consequently providing you an incredible battery life.

Enough storage area: For the rate, the HP Structure 17-e019dx is in fact providing you much more! The Structure 17-e019dx has a storage space capability of 750 GB with 5400 Revoltions Per Minute. When you are supporting up your information or restoring your COMPUTER from a data backup image, 5400 RPM is fantastic. HP has also presented a new innovation called the HP Protect Smart disk drive defense which helps in protecting your information.

Normally, you do not see this with every laptop in order to make the laptop computer a lot more small. If you are acquiring your desktop computer switched out with this laptop computer you need to not have any headaches!

Pre-loaded with a lot of unwanted software programs: The HP Pavilion 17-e019dx comes filled with a number of HP proprietary software program that you could never ever want! This ends up being thoroughly irritating for the users. You might have to spend some time uninstalling the applications from the Control panel.

EXCEPT gaming: The Core i3 powered HP PAVILION 17-e019dx is for simply workplace use. There is no discussing of a specialized graphics memory in the specifications sheet which plainly suggests that this is not a laptop computer for gamers! Well it can take care of some games that do not need much graphics however definitely not for high-end gaming!

Touch pad: The touch pad seems to be a little annoying as mentioned by most of the customers. The touch pad should be pushed hard in order to get the clicking done!

Not mobile: Portability is a problem considering its substantial screen size and the total weight. Like we mentioned, this is additional of a desktop PC replacement.
Well to sum up, the HP Pavilion 17-e019dx can be taken into consideration simply for fundamental use. Standard use consists of Office applications, light in weight games and other applications or software applications which do not require much processing power. For something, you can keep a bunch of your information in this machine offered the massive HDD space of 750 GB. Taking into consideration the cost and the substantial 17 inch screen and specifications the HP Pavilion 17-e019dx is up for a bargain! Grab yours at $466.88.

The HP Pavilion 17-e019dx can be yours for the price of $466.88.

Enough storage room: For the cost, the HP PAVILION 17-e019dx is in fact offering you much more! Usually, you do not view this with every laptop computer in order to make the laptop computer a lot more small. Pre-loaded with a bunch of undesirable software programs: The HP Structure 17-e019dx comes packed with a number of HP exclusive software that you might never ever be interested in! Thinking about the price tag and the enormous 17 inch display and specs the HP Structure 17-e019dx is up for a good discount!