HP Pavilion dv7t-7000 Quad Edition Review

If you are looking for a laptop packed with plenty of great features ranging from a big screen and many USB ports to very fast processing, VGA, good sound and HDMI, look for non other than HP DV7t 7000 generation i7-3610QM laptop. This is the best computer I have ever had so far and I am very happy with its performance. If you are trying to stick to your limited budget, this laptop will give you the best bang of your bucks. It is a solid computer unit, has an excellent keyboard touch and has a nice large screen which is perfect for your gaming needs.

HP dv7t 7000 is one of the best selling personal computers today owing to its top notch features. This mid- night black computer has a 1 TB hard drive and it is an HP creation. It is built on Intel Core i7 CPU and has a memory of 8GB DDR3 SDRAM and a 1 TB hard disk. The laptop uses a lithium ion battery and has a screen display of 17.3 inches.

I purchased this laptop as a replacement for my personal computer that I had used for the past five years but could no longer fulfill my growing personal demands. As usual, I wanted an HP product because I know the company has a good reputation of producing the most powerful gaming laptops. I needed a laptop that had no less than 8 GB of RAM and this thing pass on that. Next, I wanted a computer with the ability for memory expansion. I actually needed a lot of storage memory in my system and I was planning to buy some extra 8 GB memory cards to boost the memory within a few weeks. Finally, the laptop had also to be a third generation memory and thanks to i7, I knew I had found what I was looking for.

As I shopped around, I came across some contenders that were non hp, but I really didn’t feel comfortable about them. Then I set my eyes on this HP and I knew my search was now over. I was moved by various things about this computer like the noiseless keys that is great for gaming and it is also perfect for conference calls since I would type and then talk at a time or type and listen without even sticking on the mute feature. I am also thrilled with the laptop’s biometric/ fingerprint reader. This means that I can save my passwords to be my fingerprint, which is incredibly safe.

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You will also be gland to know that regardless of what kind of game you are engaged in, dv7t 7000 never gets hot and this is something that you really can’t take advantage of as a gamer. This machine can rest on your bare things as long as you want and won’t even burn. If you try this with other laptops, you will surely have a completely different story to tell. Also, this laptop doesn’t have its Wi-Fi on/ off key at its front and you thus can’t turn it off accidentally. Instead, HP placed the key on the keyboard’s top row which is much better. Again, the microphone/ headphone jacks are no longer placed at the front like in other machines which is great pain but at side. I really loved the 1 x USB 2.0 and 3 x USB 3.0 as they are both excellent. You will also be gland about the little neat flip down cover placed over LAN port on its sides and is very functional. Generally, I can say that HP-dv7t700 is a really, really fast and a reliable machine that is an awesome choice for gamers.