Lenovo IdeaPad Y500 15.6-Inch Gaming Laptop Review

Introduction: The Lenovo IdeaPad is a powerful multimedia notebook. It may not be for the extreme hardcore gamers out there, but it makes for a pretty solid gaming rig, and packs a punch, all behind an unassuming, sleek shell.


Hardware and Specs: The specs on the laptop are impressive to say the least.  Those looking to maximize performance while maintaining a pleasant appearance will certainly be pleased. With a 2.4 GHz Intel core i7 processor, 1 TB hard drive, and an NVidia dual SLI 650M graphics card, this thing has some serious power, whether it is as a multimedia notebook, or as a gaming laptop.

The 1 TB hard drive is a nice touch, as it is larger than most other hard drives in its class, but what really separates this gaming laptop from the rest is its utilization of dual video cards. I found that the dual video cards really are able to compete with the higher end gaming laptops. While this may be a more portable solution than the massive 17 inch monsters out currently on the market, this thing has a lot of gaming power. The dual chips really take advantage of the cutting edge NVidia SLI technology. With this technology, they are able to scale the overall graphics performance by combining the power of the two cards.

Look and Feel:

I found the Y500’s simplistic and minimalistic design a pleasant switch from some of the flashier designs in its class. Its dusk black brushed aluminum lid is simple yet sleek, and is accentuated by its tapered sides. The notebook’s interior is a little bit more interesting. The matte track pad really complements the glossy black keyboard deck, which really enhances the looks of the laptop. Weighing in at around 6.4 pounds, and stretching 15.4 inches across, this laptop is a little bit smaller than some of the behemoths you will find in its class, but still will retain some value for those who are looking for a big desktop replacement.

The 1920 x 1080 glossy screen is truly a sight to behold. I was really impressed by the display on the laptop, with so much room on the screen, it isn’t difficult for me to understand the appeal of this laptop as a multimedia machine, as much as a high end gaming laptop.


Keyboard and Track pad:

As a gamer, the keyboard and track pad are very important for me. Like most Lenovo notebooks, the keyboard both looks and performs wonderfully. The keys are spaced well, and provide a firm and springy response when pressed upon. The red backlighting is also a nice touch and gives the notebook an appeasing red glow in low lighting environments. While I use a mouse to game almost exclusively, I was not disappointed by the touch pad. It is slightly larger than your standard touch pad, and easily performs a variety of multi-touch gestures. The touchpad is very reliable and can be called upon to give a quick, fluid response no matter the task.


This powerful multimedia gaming laptop combines some powerful compelling hardware into a relatively modest chassis. As a pretty serious gamer, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute I spent with this laptop.