MSI Computer Corp. GX60 1AC-021US Gaming Laptop Review


For those who are having a fixed budget and they need a good gaming laptop, they should take a look at MSI Computer Corp. GX60 1AC-021US; 9S7-16FK11-021 15.6-Inch Laptop, a laptop that can be purchased for $1.100, a price which is somehow affordable for everyone. The GPU of this laptop is great, and if you are a real gamer you can play most of your games at highest graphic settings but that will offer less than 60 FPS, making the game playing a little bit annoying for some games, but you can still switch the settings to high graphics, obtaining both speed of the game and a very good quality of the image. The AMD A10 Quad-Core 2.3 GHz processor is a little bit slowly, the i5 or i7 being better that this type of processor.

For example, the multiple tasks are making the laptop to move hard, and this is how you will waste some of your time. If you have your YouTube account opened and you also download something but you want to use your graphic design application too, this could be a little bit too much for the GX60 laptop, making it to move hard.

If you want to keep this laptop and you want to improve the performances of GX60 you’ll have to upgrade the 720 RPM Hard drive. However, with the 15.6-Inch Screen, AMD Radeon HD 7970M GDDR5 2GB screen, the gaming experience will be absolutely excellent. The MSI Computer Corp. GX60 1AC-021US comes with Windows 8 operating system. This is another problem, because the Windows 8 is doing updates by his own, and gamer experienced the inconvenient of losing their games because the application crashed when Windows started the updates.

There are both good and negative facts about this laptop, but one thing that is very important for the gamers is that this laptop is having a great WiFi connection. The design of the laptop case is made in such a way, that it looks like the laptop was made for gamers only: the power button is big and it is surrounded by light glossy edges, looking like a shield or badge. On the other hand, the GX60 it’s not a heavy laptop but the battery is not lasting too much time. However, most of the gamers are keeping their laptops plugged in even if that is not recommended. On the other hand, the GX60 comes with an 8 GB of RAM, being able to support and play a lot of games without creating Lag or low FPS.

For the price of $1.100 this laptop is more than perfect for those who are using their laptops just to play games. At this price you’ll get a very good GPU, a lot of RAMs, a decent processor, a laptop with good speakers and a strong WiFi connection and a screen with many colours, making the gaming experience something new for those who hadn’t used a gaming laptop before. [pullquote]Summary of a dozen or more professional reviews: mediocre processor, amazing video card. This thing chews up everything I throw at it, Ultra settings on BF3 and Skyrim at 1080P no problem. read the full reviews @ Amazon[/pullquote]


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