MSI Computer Corp. Notebook GE60 0ND-257US Gaming Laptop Review

If you’re in need of a good gamin laptop, then the solution for you would certainly be MSI Computer Corp. Notebook GE60. You can find this laptop at the price of $1,150 on Amazon, and for this price you will obtain an outstanding gaming machine. First of all, the MSI Computer Corp. Notebook GE60 0ND is coming with an Intel Core i7-3630QM Processor (2.4 GHz) which is making the multitasking something normal for your laptop.

You can have your Internet Browser, uTorrent, Yahoo Messenger and a game opened at the same time and this laptop won’t start to heat or to move hard. The NVIDIA GeForce GTX600M graphic card is very good, although you can still obtain something better than that. The MSI Computer Corp. Notebook GE60 0ND-257US; 9S7-16GA11-257 Laptop also comes with 8 GB RAM of memory, being the best you can obtain for this price. This screen of this laptop is anti-glare and also HD, with a maximum resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, being the best laptop screen you can obtain for the price of 1,150 dollars. This laptop also has two USB ports.

Another good and interesting fact about this laptop is that is having 5 in-built fans, which are very silent and this way the laptop can prevent heating for a long period of usage, making it an excellent laptop for gamers. There are also some problems, because for the price of 1,150 dollars this laptop should have a backlit keyboard, which is something normal for the today’s laptops, but the MSI Computer Corp. Notebook GE60 0ND-257US laptop is not having this keyboard feature. Another fact that is annoying the gamers is the Windows 8 operating system, but this thing can be changed.
However, the laptop is very thin and light, but it is also durable. The case is made from a smooth black and shiny plastic, which is attracting a lot of fingerprints and where the keyboard is placed you, can see two red stripes, made for the design of the laptop.

[pullquote]Wrapping up, this laptop is perfect for hardcore multitasking or gaming on medium-high settings. The screen is what really sets it apart and makes it a great value. Read Full Review @ Amazon [/pullquote]

Although the keyboard is not a backlit one, at least is a full keyboard, which means that this laptop can be used for graphic applications or accountancy too, although those who are purchasing this type of laptop are purchasing it for hardcore gaming.
The MSI Computer Corp. Notebook GE60 0ND-257US Laptop costs only 1,150 dollars and for this price you will obtain an excellent i7 processor, being excellent for running lots of games and multiple applications, an NVIDIA GeForce GTX600M graphic card, 8GB RAM card and an anti-glare HD screen.

Although the keyboard is not backlit and the laptop itself it’s not too attractive, having an old design, its components are absolutely brilliant in comparison with other laptops at the same price. If you are in a desperate need of a good gaming laptop game, then this should be the ultimate solution for you. You’ll receive a resistant and durable gaming machine for a very competitive price.