MSI G Series GE40 2OC Gaming Laptop Review

Introduction: The MSI GE40 14-inch laptop is an excellent combination of gaming power and portability. This sleek gaming machine is as portable as they get, and an excellent choice for anyone looking for a solid, portable, gaming rig.

Hardware and Specs: Despite being an ultra portable gaming laptop, this thing has some real power behind it. It come packed with an Intel core i7 2.2 GHz processor, 8GB of DDR3 ram, a 750 GB hard drive, and the NVidia GeForce GTX 760 video card.

This dedicated graphics card comes with 2GB of ram, which means it is able to run high end games at a frame rate much better than an average laptop, and competitive with many of the other high end gaming laptops. A notable feature I found in the quad core Intel i7 was that in its fourth generation, it reduces energy consumption, while improving performance and efficiency. The battery life is also fantastic on this machine, much higher than the standard battery life on a high end gaming laptop.

Look and Feel:

The GE40 has a lightweight design that is easy on the eye to say the least. Its simplistic yet eye catching display is something that is very rare amongst these high end gaming laptops. At just 4.4 pounds, this laptop is a big step in the direction of high end and portable gaming laptops. The 14 inch display unfortunately, is one of the pitfalls of the laptop, however it is a trade off when considering the overall look and feel of the machine. The display itself (1600 x 900p resolution) is a bit lower then we have come to expect from these high end gaming laptops, however when factoring in the portability and beautiful design of the laptop, it is a tradeoff I am sure many would be more than willing to make.

Keyboard and Track pad:

The keyboard and touch pad are vital to the success of a gaming laptop, and the GE40 certainly did not disappoint. The Chiclet style keyboard is solid, and comfortable enough for everyday use. One negative would be the lack of a backlit keyboard, which seems to be the standard for high end gaming laptops nowadays. The relatively small touchpad is smooth and responsive, and the thin silver trim is a nice touch. Although I still prefer to use a mouse when gaming, the touch pad worked surprisingly well.

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In conclusion, the GE40 has the power to run today’s most demanding games, and the battery life to last a long time away from an outlet. With impressive specs, and even more impressive looks it is a powerful gaming notebook for the money and it certainly worth a look.