MSI GE60 0NC Gaming Laptop Review

MSI Laptops are not as popular as the HP or Samsung laptops, but the MSI GE60 0NC-498US 15.6-Inch Laptop is offering a lot of good things for the price of 1,100 dollars. First of all, the MSI GE60 0NC-498US is coming with an Intel i5 2.6 GHz processor, making it a good laptop for the gamers. However, the new games will request multiple cores, so i5 won’t be enough in the following years. For this price you will obtain an 8GB DDR3 Memory, being excellent for playing games without lag or low frames. On the other hand, the NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M Graphics With 2GB Memory Graphic card is very good for those who want a laptop for gaming, and most games are looking for NVIDIA graphic cards. Also, the 15.6″ WUXGA (1920×1080) Display is coming with a lot of features such as Anti-Glare coating, which is improving the gaming experience and it is also having high quality 3D Graphics for the price of 1,100 dollars. You will also have a 1.3 Megapixel Webcam.

The best thing about the MSI GE60 0NC-498US is that the operating system is Windows 7 and that is something very good for some gamers. Many people are having a hard time when they are trying to use Windows 8 because they lose a lot of time when they try to get used with it, being a little bit difficult and unfriendly. However, there are gamers who prefer Windows 8 rather than Windows 7.

There are also some problems with the MSI laptop too. The keyboard is not backlit and the case of the laptop is made from a lot of shiny plastic parts, in which you can easily leave fingerprints and you’ll have to clean it almost everyday. Also, the dual core can harm the gaming experience. However, for this price an i5 core it’s not enough but the graphic and memory cards are more than you can obtain for this price.

If you need a laptop with high speed and high graphic settings then the MSI GE60 0NC-498US Laptop is the ultimate solution for you. However, remember that this laptop might create some problems because of the low processor and maybe it can’t support some games, although your graphic card can support them at the highest graphic settings. Also, the display is something that is raising the price of this laptop, but the processor is destroying the whole things that the MSI GE60 0NC can offer.

The price is very good considering the components of the MSI GE60 0NC-498US laptop, excepting the processor, which is quite good too. Also, the design of the laptop looks like this laptop was exclusively made for the gamers. The shiny black colour in combination with the red strips is creating the idea of the ultimate gaming machine, ready to play every type of game, but because of the processor this image is destroy. However, for the price of 1,100 dollars you will obtain more than you can imagine if you purchase the MSI GE60 0NC-498US 15.6-Inch Laptop[pullquote]The MSi GE60, with the i7 3630QM cpu and a Geforce 660M gpu, delivers solid gameplay on all games I’ve played. Solid 30+ fps on Guild Wars 2, and that is with a bad patch from the developer which has known issues with nvidia hardware. Everything else like Battlefield 3 on ultra, 45-60fps. I am very happy with this laptop… read full review @ Amazon[/pullquote]


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