Samsung Series 3 NP350V5C-T01US Gaming Laptop Review

The Samsung Series 3 NP350V5C-T01US 15.6-Inch Laptop is from far one of the best options you can make when you need a laptop within 1000 dollars. First of all, this laptop comes with a 2.4 GHz Intel® Core i7-3630QM quad-core processor, being perfect for playing the latest games and to handle multiple tasks. When I was a professional Game Tester I used this laptop as a mid range price testing machine. For the price of 810 dollars you can purchase this laptop which comes with two graphic cards: the built-in Intel HD 4000 and the AMD Radeon™ HD 7730M graphic card. The Intel HD Graphic card is excellent for those who are not looking forward to play games, but just to watch movies or to listen to music, but for the hardcore gamers, the Radeon™ HD 7730M graphic card is the best solution.

You can play some latest games like World of Warcraft or GTA IV at the highest graphic settings with a reasonable number of frames. For the price of $800 most laptops are coming with a 4 GB RAM memory card, but the Samsung NP350 Laptop comes with a 6 GB RAM memory card, being necessary for the gamer. The 15.6-Inch Screen can be very good for playing games and for watch movies too.

On the other hand, the WiFi connection is strong, and that’s another good fact if you are a gamer. This laptop also has 4 USB ports, being very helpful for charging your smartphone, or for using a gamepad. However, there is a problem with the Samsung Series 3, because it doesn’t have a backlit keyboard which can be very helpful for a gamer and not only, because there are graphic designers who are interested in purchasing this type of laptop. There are also other problems because the Caps Lock and Num Lock keys are not coming with a led light. On the other hand, the feature of two graphic cards is useful for saving the battery life.



This laptop comes with so many features for the gamers and the price of this laptop is very accessible. You pay 800 dollars and you obtain an i7 Samsung laptop with HD screen and 6 GB RAM memory card. Also, two switchable graphic cards, one for normal computing activities and the other one for games that can be played at highest graphic settings without creating lag or lack of FPS.

[pullquote]I saw this Samsung on Amazon and was impressed by the price. The KEY feature is the included Radeon HD 7730M video card. If you want to play video games, you must have a 3d graphics card. The built-in Intel HD graphics card is great for anything else, but for playing video games good luck. Read full review @ Amazon[/pullquote]

However, the Samsung Series 3 NP350V5C-T01US 15.6-Inch Laptop (Titan Silver) is a light laptop, being very thin, with a titan silver case, making it look elegant. It doesn’t have too many leds on it although this is annoying for some people. The Power button is placed right at the right upper corner of the laptop, and in the middle of the top area you can see the speakers. The full keyboard is simple and elegant, making the Samsung Series 3 a laptop good enough for both graphic designers, who are not looking for fancy laptops, but for the gamers who care only about the components too.

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