Samsung Series 7 Gamer NP700G7C Gaming Laptop Review


With Samsung’s first attempt at a gaming laptop, they were able to bring a real machine to the table. This guy packs plenty of power and is a welcome change from Samsung’s sleek and portable ultra-books.

Hardware and Specs:

While this guy has all the looks of a typical Samsung laptop, it has the hardware to back that up. This thing comes stocked with a 2.4 GHz Intel core i7 processor, a 1536 GB hard drive, and most importantly, an NVidia GeForce 675M graphics card. What really struck me about this gaming laptop is its rather large hard drive. At 1536 GB, this thing is much bigger than anything else you will find in its class. The Series 7 Gamer handled every gaming challenge I threw at it with ease. This thing has some phenomenal computing power, and as a gaming laptop, this thing will get the job done.

Look and Feel:

Samsung is renowned for its typical sleek and smooth design. While this thing is a monster, its design is no different. This is not your typical desktop replacement behemoth. Its deceptively thin appearance is classic Samsung, but once I saw this guy up close, I realized how much of a beast it truly was. The sleek and simple design is highlighted by fancy brushed metal, glossy plastics, and clean lines. It really is an all business design, departing from some of the flashy and loud colors which other gaming laptops in its class have adopted. The display on this bad boy is just incredible. The 1920 x 1080p resolution is unbelievable, full of rich, vibrant colors that just seem to pop out at you. It was a real pleasure to use.

Keyboard and Track pad:

As I have said many times before, I consider the keyboard and track pad two of the most important aspects of a laptop. They can make it or break it; I mean what are all the fancy bells and whistles good for if you can’t stand to type or navigate on the machine? The Series 7 gamer adopted a classic laptop keyboard, which is very different from the Chiclet style keyboard in so many other gaming laptops. I for one really like the classic keyboard. In a strange way, I just found it very satisfying to type on. As for the track pad, even though I usually game with a mouse, I found it to be a very enjoyable experience. The only qualm I have about the track pad is that it is susceptible to those pesky accidently palm clicks while typing.



The Samsung Series 7 gamer definitely lives up to all the hype. This is a powerful laptop, and when matched with Samsung’s classic sleek looks, makes for one mean gaming laptop.

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