Toshiba Satellite S955D-S5374 Gaming Laptop Review

For those gamers who are in a desperate need of a gaming laptop and they also have a low budget the Toshiba Satellite S955D-S5374 15.6-Inch Laptop (Ice Blue Brushed Aluminium) could be the best choice. This laptop used to be my 1st choice when I was a professional Game Tester for the low budget gaming laptops, it can be purchased with $610 from Amazon and for this price you will get a decent gaming laptop. Coming with an AMD A-Series Quad-Core A8-4555M 1.6 GHz processor, the Toshiba Satellite S955D is a decent laptop for those who want to play games and they have a low budget. Of course the i5 or i7 processors are better than this one, but for the price of $600 this is a good deal.

This laptop also comes with 6 GB RAM DDR3, being able to support some games at medium graphics, offering more than 55 FPS while playing. Also, the low processor can’t support multiple tasks, like opening the internet browser and more than two applications, for example Winamp and Yahoo Messenger. However, the 15.6-Inch Screen, AMD Radeon HD 7600G screen is very good, offering a good gaming experience because of multiple colors.

The 750 GB 5400 rpm Hard Drive can also create some problems too, decreasing the performances of the Toshiba Satellite S955D laptop. However, if you want to keep this laptop you can simply upgrade the Hard Drive for better performances. Also, the GPU of the Toshiba Satellite S955D is very good, being able to support some games at high graphic settings, but for the game to move smoothly it’s recommended to use the medium settings because the processor is very low. Also, the WiFi connection is not dropping off, and this is a very important fact for the gamers. There is also a very good thing about the Toshiba Satellite S955D-S5374 15.6-Inch


Laptop: the cooling system is working wonderful and you can play your favourite game for a long period of time, because the laptop will maintain cool. However, there are not many negative parts about this laptop because for the price of $600 is offering enough, or even more than enough.


Excellent Laptop, it’s all that it says works perfect,only we are learning to use windows 8 but it’s an excellent laptop. Read mor @ Amazon


Sometimes, the Toshiba Satellite S955D can create inconvenient of sound because of the bass speakers which sounds annoying if you force them to the maximum level. You can purchase individual speakers, rather than using the in-build speakers of Toshiba. This laptop also comes with Windows 8 operating system, which is pretty annoying for a lot of people until they get used with it. The design of the Toshiba Satellite S955D is simple and elegant, but because of the glossy aluminium case you can leave fingerprints, which are barely noticed because of the ice blue colour. It also comes with a full keyboard, like the one used for computers, with the set of numbered keys in the right side of the laptop.
The Toshiba Satellite S955D is a decent gaming laptop designed for those who are using laptops just for playing games, but they don’t have too much money to invest in purchasing the latest gaming laptop.

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